1. Sharing data

Your data is absolutely safe with us and will never be shared with any organization, third parties or government agencies.

2. Data Storage

PIRI.AI is cloud service platform. All the user transactions are stored on our servers. You can access your data from any device at any time. PIRI.AI makes sure the data is absolutely safe therefore all the data stored in the servers is heavily encrypted.

3. Account Deletion

If you wish to delete your account, go to MY ACCOUNT tab. Under this section, go to Privacy settings and select delete account. Deleting your account removes all the information and transactions with PIRI.AI permanently.

Once this action is confirmed, the account cannot be retrieved. No refunds will be made after the deletion of the account.

Everything you delete is deleted forever.

4. Payment Information

PIRI.AI has collaborated with different payment providers around the world. The payment platforms manage and store user’s credit card details. All the credit card details are stored on the payment provider’s server.  These details are not disclosed to PIRI. You can access the payment and shipping information associated with your account under the MY ACCOUNT tab.

5. Payment Disputes

All purchases are nonrefundable.