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We are growing fast

PIRI is growing fast – jump on board

PIRI is working on interesting and challenging engagements with awesome companies of every size – startups, large and public. We only select the best engineers to join the team and take pride in the company culture we maintain.

Awesome Clients

Work on IOT, AI/ML, Robotics, VR/AR and many more interesting things.

Work from home

Work from 9:30 am PST to 2:30 pm PST (i.e. 10:30 pm to 3:30 am IST) and then 10 hours a week flexible time. Your evenings are free, days are a flexible and better work-life balance. No evening calls, early mornings calls with US teams!

Consultants make more

Salaried employees pay 3 times tax than consultants!  You can gain HUGE tax savings by using deductions.

Timely Payment

At PIRI, you’ll always receive your money on time without any  hassle

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