Meet your new co-worker – a chatbot!

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Meet your new co-worker who never gets sick, never takes vacations and will never quit: a chatbot.

Chatbots are here to stay in the digital workplace and companies that wish to remain competitive in the future will ultimately use them. So what changes should we expect when chatbots become our co-workers?

Chatbots present a wide variety of potential benefits for companies, employees and buyers. For one, chatbots provide cost savings and superior scale by automating tasks previously performed by humans and enabling companies to serve larger market segments. Employees benefit from chatbots because the technology relieves them of the need to handle mind-numbing, repetitive work that saps productivity. People will work smarter, better, faster and more efficiently with the help of their digital co-workers. Chatbots will free them to focus their energy on work that requires thought, creativity and ingenuity.

Ultimately, the efficiencies chatbot technology can offer companies and employees will translate to a consistent, personalized and expert experience for customers.

But as with any disruptive technology, chatbots come with some potential pitfalls. As chatbots enter the workforce, people are finding that the skills they need and the requirements of their jobs are changing rapidly. And predictions of chatbots taking jobs from people, while at times overblown, are potentially true in some cases. In workplaces transformed by bot technology, people who want to differentiate themselves from their digital co-workers must learn and hone new skills, specifically “soft” skills that focus on emotion, creativity and reasoning.

Whether you are pro- or anti-bot, they are here to stay and further change is the only thing we can be sure of.

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