New H-1B visa rules and what that means for outsourcing

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The US recently announced another big change in H-1B visa rules:

  • All registrations are first applied to the 65,000 visa cap. After this, USCIS will select from the remaining applicant pool to fill the degree cap. Currently, the ‘Masters’ cap lottery is conducted first; cases not selected in this lottery are then placed in the ‘Regular’ cap lottery for another round of random selection.
  • The amendment will tweak the selection of H-1B visa petitions to incorporate petitions of US advanced degree holders for the lottery of the first 65,000 cap.
  • The order by which the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) selects H-1B petitions under the regular cap and the advanced degree exemption is now reversed.

The new rules will be applicable from April 1.  This rule will make it more challenging for Indian aspirants without an advanced US degree to get a H-1B visa.

IIT’ians are the 4th largest unicorn generators after Stanford, Harvard, and UC Berkeley. IIT alums founded companies include AppDynamics, Cirrus Logic, FlipKart, Healtheon, InMobi, Junglee, Juniper Networks, Ola, Map R, Nutanix, Palo Alto Networks, Rocket Fuel, Sun Microsystems, Vxtel, Virident, Yodlee, Webex, Zscalar etc.   IIT are the premier institutes of India, with less than 2% acceptance rate.  CBS 60 minutes referred IIT as “Harvard, MIT and Princeton put together”.

And, yet with new H1B rules, a post-graduation degree from any US institute will take priority.  The visa mill universities such as the one identified and recently closed like Silicon Valley University industry will have an advantage!

You may want to include remote staffing as part of your strategy so as to hire the top talent.

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